If you live close to work, consider walking or bicycling – or connect to a bus using your bike. You can bike to the SunLine bus stop, store your bike on the rack at the front of the bus and ride in a climate-controlled bus with free Wi-Fi. SunLine provides a demonstration video and the guidelines for using the bike rack.  There are wonderful bicycle routes and paths all over the Coachella Valley. Several cities in the Coachella Valley have provided bike maps below to locate those nearest you. And, if you want to find a bike buddy to ride with, visit and sign up at IE Commuter to be matched with other interested bicyclists for free. You may also call IE Commuter at 1-866-RIDESHARE.



A carpool is an informal arrangement where two or more individuals commute to work in a personal vehicle together. IE Commuter operates a free ride-matching service where they can connect you with others living and working near you with the similar work hours who are interested in carpooling. Visit IE Commuter to find a carpool match for free. You may also call IE Commuter at 1-866-RIDESHARE.


A vanpool is a carpool of five or more individuals who live near each other and share a common schedule, commuting to work in a month-to-month leased vehicle partially subsidized by SunLine.  The program is ideal for individuals with lengthy commutes.  SunLine offers a vanpool incentive program for the Coachella Valley, called SolVan,  that provides up to $450 per month for qualified vanpools, or $550 per month if commuting in an electric vanpool vehicle.  SunLine has also recently partnered with more vendors to provide even more vehicle and lease cost choices.  Find out more about this exciting program by visiting or email SolVan at  SolVan can also provide you information if there are any vanpools matching your commuting needs, as well as help organize and promote new vanpools.  Visit to find out more.

SunLine helps employers establish and implement Employee Rideshare Programs.  For more information about this program, visit the SunCommute Employer Rideshare Program.