School Tripper

School Tripper buses are added to certain routes to prevent overcrowding due to an increase in student ridership. Students can use this service in addition to our fixed route bus service to get to where they need to go.


SunLine School Tripper service is serving Desert Sands Unified School District and Palm Springs Unified School District during their academic days in session.


School Tripper service is a limited-stop service that operates on the following schedules:



La Quinta High School: Tripper 700 and 701 

To see individual stops click here


Palm Desert High School: Tripper 500

To see individual stops click here


Palm Springs High School: Tripper 200 and 403 

To see individual stops click here

Raymond Cree Middle School: Tripper 400 and 402

To see individual stops click here


Shadow Hills High School: Tripper 800, 801, 802 and 803 

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Does a school tripper bus look different from a regular SunBus?

No, school tripper service is conducted on the same vehicles as regular fixed route service. Trippers are an additional service to provide extra room during peak hours when many students travel to and from school. This acts as an extra social distancing measure to alleviate overcrowding on regular fixed routes.


How will I know which bus is a school tripper?

The head sign easily identifies each school tripper bus. The head sign is the LED screen on the front of the bus. It will show the tripper route number followed by the destination. 

For example, Route 800 NB serving Shadow Hills High School will have a head sign that reads:


Can I find school tripper service on myStop mobile app?

Yes, myStop Mobile is the best resource to plan any SunLine trip, including school tripper service.


When will Palm Springs Unified School District have school tripper service?

Palm Springs Unified School District is currently scheduled to begin in-person classes on Monday, April 12, 2021 for Kindergarten-3rd grade. We will begin our school tripper service on the first day of high school in-person learning on Monday, April 19, 2021. For more information regarding school opening dates, visit


Route 5 isn't running under Level 3 service. Will school tripper 500 and 501 serve bus stops on Cook St.?

Yes. Although Route 5 is not operating under Level 3 service, all Desert Sands Unified school tripper routes are running. Stops will be labeled with the timetables for school tripper schedules.

Are school tripper's free?

School tripper service is the same cost as regular fixed-route bus fare. For information on youth fares, visit However, high school students should visit to enroll in free fares for their travel.