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Transit advertising offers clients impactful, in-your-face options that are seen by thousands of people each day as they are out-and-about working, shopping and commuting.  Put your campaign in motion with SunLine Transit Advertising.


Market Coverage:  
Desert Hot Springs ~ Palm Springs ~ Cathedral City ~ Rancho Mirage ~ Palm Desert ~ Indian Wells 
La Quinta ~ Indio ~ Coachella ~ Thousand Palms ~ Bermuda Dunes ~ Thermal ~ Oasis ~ Mecca ~
North Shore

PRODUCT MATERIAL: 3M IJ36 + 8509 overlaminate
KING = 30" X 144" king ad
PRODUCT MATERIAL: 3M IJ46 + 8509 overlaminate
SUPER KING = 30" X 216"
Street Side Only 
super king
KING KONG = Varies 
Street Side Only 
king kong
FULL WRAP = Varies Full Wrap
PRODUCT MATERIAL: 3M IJ67 + 8914 overlaminate
PERFORATED WINDOW GRAPHICS Sizes very depending on King Kong or Full Wrap selection.


Market Coverage:  
Desert Hot Springs ~ Palm Springs ~ Cathedral City ~ La Quinta ~ Indio ~ Coachella ~ Thousand Palms ~ Bermuda Dunes ~ Mecca ~ Thermal


PRODUCT MATERIAL: Vinyl is best option (Styrene or Opalene)
BUS SHLETER = 48" X 69"  shelter


The Coachella Valley’s population is on a steady upward trend and is one of the fastest growing areas in California.

  • Year 2000 = Population 309,530
  • Year 2020 = Population 432,999 

Aside from being a popular retirement destination, affordable housing (in comparison to coastal and other areas of California) attracts young families who continue to migrate into the Valley in higher numbers every year.

  • Age 0-19 = 27.9% 
  • Age 20-34 = 17.7% 
  • Age 35-54 = 24.5% 
  • Age 55 & up = 29.9%

The workforce of younger, skilled workers continues to expand with the influx of young families.  Families in the Valley average three people per household; with a median household income estimate of just over $50,000.The population growth rate is expected to be more than 15% over the next 5 years, with the expectation of nearly 175,000 households in the Valley by 2015.

Demographics courtesy of Coachella Valley Economics Partnership


SunLine Transit Agency will only accept advertisements which promote a commercial transaction for a product or service that is available to the general public. No ads will be placed, under any circumstances that violates any federal, state, county, or local regulation, law, code, or ordinance; is or can be construed to be false, misleading, deceptive, or clearly defamatory; violates or can be construed to violate any local community standards including without limitation profanity, obscenity, nudity or pornography; advocates any unlawful action; promotes alcohol, tobacco, violence, firearms, sexual products or services; or contains words or illustrations that can be construed as graffiti. 

These restrictions also include advertising material that ridicules or mocks, is abusive or hostile to, or debases the dignity or stature of an individual or group of individuals.

Link: PDF icon Advertising Production Sheet

Link: Advertising Demographics, Policy and Messaging Sheet


GREATER REACH: Television, radio and newspapers, reach only specific market segments. Exterior transit ads reach the entire market – up to 90% of the adult population at every income level. And they reach them with greater frequency.


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