Employer Pass Program

In a tight job market, businesses in the Coachella Valley constantly compete for reliable, well-trained employees. To do so, employers must ensure that their employees have good transportation to get to work.

SunLine Transit Agency’s fixed-route is an ideal transportation solution for your employees—especially with the 31-Day Coachella Valley Employer Pass incentive program. The Employer Pass allows businesses to provide employees with a 31-day bus pass on site.

Here's How it Works
• You provide the passes to your employees at cost, no cost, or at a reduced rate –all depending on if your business plans to subsidize the passes in any way.  
• Employees can use the pass for unlimited rides on SunLine’s fixed route buses, SunBus, for commuting to and from work. 
The Employer Pass is a Win-Win

Successful transportation programs help businesses retain their best workers because employees reap the following benefits:

  • Dependable and affordable transportation to and from work
  • More money in their pockets 
  • More time to relax, read, chat and enjoy the free wifi during their commutes
  • Less wear-and-tear on their personal cars
  • Reduced annual fuel consumption, minimizing the cost of vehicle maintenance and miles  
  • Tax-free transit

Additionally, there are federal initiatives that offer more benefits to employees that choose to ride the bus to and from work.

The Employer Pass is a Great Value

The 31-Day Coachella Valley Employer Pass is available for $24. Nearly a 30% discount off the regular price of $34.

The pass offers unlimited rides for a month and there is no need to pay extra for transfers.

Participating in the program is a good way to pass the savings on to your staff as an impressive employee benefit.

What Can Employers offer?

Tax-Free Benefit – Employers may subsidize transit or vanpool fares up to $255 per month, and get a full tax deduction without payroll taxes. Federal law entitles all employers under Internal Revenue Code Section 132(f)(4) Title IX, Section 910 of TEA-21 to deduct business expense of up to $255 per employee per month for the cost of using public transportation. This law allows employers to offer their employees a choice between current or future compensation, and “qualified transportation fringes,” which include transit, vanpool or qualified parking benefits. 

Pre-Tax Benefit – Employees can use up to $255 per month of their gross income. The program is easier to administer since pre-tax use of employees’ salary is not subject to restrictions. 

Share the Tax Benefit – Employers may also combine both options by providing a tax-free benefit and let the employee use their pre-tax salary to pay for the remaining portion of the tax-free amount.

Who Is Eligible?
  • Private employers
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Public agencies
  • Federal government (including military)
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