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Rideshare programs are excellent ways to help employees identify their commute options, to  receive incentives, achieve goals such as improving employee morale, reduce parking and site congestion, improve South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) compliance and expand your employee benefits package. Employees save money, time and stress on their commutes when they choose to consider alternative ways to get to work instead of driving alone.

SunLine is here to help, with our program called SunCommute! We offer assistance to help your company establish and provide ongoing support for your employee rideshare program. SolVan is the name of our new vanpool subsidy program, where qualifying groups can enjoy a $400 monthly subsidy.  Visit SolVan.org to find out more.  SunLine also offers free day trial bus passes and an employer bus pass program – which discounts nearly 30% off the regularly-priced 31-day pass from $34 down to just $24. Employers purchase the passes for the convenience of their employees, and then decide to offer them for free or subsidize any portion – all tax-free to the employee and a tax write-off for the employer. SunLine also offers helpful materials, network meetings and workshops for the Employee Transportation Coordinators.

Partnering with IE Commuter, many additional free resources are available to you, including free surveying to help reveal employees’ commute patterns and times. Personalized RideGuides will be created for interested employees to feature nearby transit routes or bicycle paths, and they will be matched with other interested employees both at their company and nearby companies to find interested carpool partners. RideGuides also identify if a current or organizing vanpool matches their commute, as well as provide calculations of commute costs and air quality data.

IE Commuter also offers incentives for your employees who rideshare. All employees who have rideshared for at least three months are eligible to enjoy Rideshare Plus – which provides entertainment discounts at thousands of businesses. Those commuting longer distances, who live beyond Cabazon, in Western Riverside or San Bernardino Counties, are eligible to enjoy extra incentives, including a $2-a-day incentive if they start ridesharing, and are provided with a Guaranteed Ride Home service if they have unexpected emergency transportation needs while at work.

To learn more, contact Chris Park, SunCommute Program, at cpark@sunline.org or 760-343-3456, ext. 1217.

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