Taxi Passenger's Bill of Rights

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Did you Know...

You can negotiate your taxi fare.
You have the option of asking your taxicab driver for a discounted rate.

All taxicab drivers go through background checks.
To ensure the passenger safety, all taxicab drivers must complete the permit application process. This entails a fingerprint background check and drug and alcohol testing. Drug and alcohol testing is done at least once a year with random testing performed monthly.

Taxicab vehicles are inspected on an annual basis.
All taxicab vehicles must go through a rigorous inspection performed by a certified Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) mechanic to ensure safe and proper operation.

Taking a taxi is more cost effective.
Some paid forms of transportation charge per person; this is not the case with a taxi.  If you are traveling in a party of two or more, you are charged one taxi fare.  You will also travel directly to your destination.  

Taxi provides direct service to your destination.
If you travel by taxi, you will receive door-to-door service to your destination, unlike some other paid forms of transportation. 

Make a note of the taxi business name and taxicab number at the time of your ride.
This information will be helpful if you should forget something in the cab.

Before you exit the taxicab CHECK:

  • Cell Phone
  • Hats
  • Eyewear
  • Credit Cards
  • Keys


We appreciate all comments about taxi service in the Coachella Valley.  
Your input is important to us. Please call 760-797-8860 TAXI


As a passenger, you have a right to:

  1. Pay electronically with a major credit/debit card
  2. Request any destination via the most direct route or the route of your choice
  3. A courteous and safe driver who obeys all traffic laws, including the “hands-free” cell phone laws
  4. A receipt upon request
  5. An unobstructed view of the taximeter & operator permit
  6. A driver who speaks English and has knowledge about attractions in the Coachella Valley
  7. Be accompanied by a service animal
  8. Air conditioning or heat upon request
  9. Working seat belts for all passengers
  10. A clean, orderly and odor-free taxicab
  11. A “noise-free” trip, to every extent possible
  12. Decline to tip 
  13. Payment for fare must be made by cash or credit card when boarding or at your destination.
  14. If you dispute the fare, calmly discuss it with the driver or request to speak to the local dispatcher/manager. You may also file a complaint with SRA, 760-797-8860.