Transit Routes

Timetable for Bus Line 95 - Sunday - 95E

Stop Name       
5th at Vine4:05 AM7:38 AM10:43 AM1:43 PM4:43 PM7:39 PM
Harrison at 4th4:06 AM7:39 AM10:44 AM1:44 PM4:44 PM7:40 PM
Harrison at 1st4:06 AM7:39 AM10:44 AM1:44 PM4:44 PM7:40 PM
Tyler at Cardinal4:11 AM7:44 AM10:49 AM1:49 PM4:49 PM7:45 PM
Ave 52 at Tyler4:12 AM7:45 AM10:50 AM1:50 PM4:50 PM7:46 PM
Ave 52 at Enteprise4:14 AM7:47 AM10:52 AM1:52 PM4:52 PM7:48 PM
Airport Blvd & Fillmore St4:21 AM7:54 AM10:59 AM1:59 PM4:59 PM7:55 PM
Ave 57 & Filmore4:23 AM7:56 AM11:01 AM2:01 PM5:01 PM7:57 PM
62nd & Buchanan4:35 AM8:08 AM11:13 AM2:13 PM5:13 PM8:09 PM
Lincoln at 63rd4:39 AM8:12 AM11:17 AM2:17 PM5:17 PM8:13 PM
Lincoln at 64th4:40 AM8:13 AM11:18 AM2:18 PM5:18 PM8:14 PM
Lincoln at Gardenia4:41 AM8:14 AM11:19 AM2:19 PM5:19 PM8:15 PM
Lincoln at 7th4:42 AM8:15 AM11:20 AM2:20 PM5:20 PM8:16 PM
5th at Date Palm4:43 AM8:16 AM11:21 AM2:21 PM5:21 PM8:17 PM
5th at Dale Kiler4:43 AM8:16 AM11:21 AM2:21 PM5:21 PM8:17 PM
Home at 2nd4:44 AM8:17 AM11:22 AM2:22 PM5:22 PM8:18 PM
66th at Date Palm4:46 AM8:19 AM11:24 AM2:24 PM5:24 PM8:20 PM
Hammond at Thobe4:53 AM8:26 AM11:31 AM2:31 PM5:31 PM8:27 PM
70th at Cleveland5:04 AM8:37 AM11:42 AM2:42 PM5:42 PM8:38 PM
70th & Windward5:08 AM8:41 AM11:46 AM2:46 PM5:46 PM8:42 PM
70th & Vander Veer5:10 AM8:43 AM11:48 AM2:48 PM5:48 PM8:44 PM
Miramar at Lookout5:11 AM8:44 AM11:49 AM2:49 PM5:49 PM8:45 PM
Costa Brava & Salton View5:12 AM8:45 AM11:50 AM2:50 PM5:50 PM8:46 PM
Club View at Windlass5:16 AM8:49 AM11:54 AM2:54 PM5:54 PM8:50 PM

Sevice Alerts

Stops Description
396, 397

LINE 95 · Effective Monday, October 1, 2018 · UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE · Please be advised that due to unforeseen construction in North Shore, 70th Ave will be closed between Cleveland and Windward. SunLine will temporarily close bus stops #396 & #397, located at 70th Ave at Windward. The Line 95 will be on detour.


General Service Information

Schedules effective September 02, 2018.

All times are approximate.

SunLine Transit Agency operates seven days a week.

The line 95 operates seven days a week, with different weekday and weekend schedules.

Holiday Hours of Operations

SunLine does not operate on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Saturday/Sunday service operates:

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day