Transit Routes

Timetable for Bus Line 81 - Thursday - Northbound

Stop Name                
Hwy 111 at Flower5:35 AM6:35 AM7:35 AM8:35 AM9:35 AM10:35 AM11:35 AM12:35 PM1:35 PM2:35 PM3:35 PM4:35 PM5:35 PM6:35 PM7:35 PM
Indio Bvld at Grace5:38 AM6:38 AM7:38 AM8:38 AM9:38 AM10:38 AM11:38 AM12:38 PM1:38 PM2:38 PM3:38 PM4:38 PM5:38 PM6:38 PM7:38 PM
Requa at Fargo5:40 AM6:40 AM7:40 AM8:40 AM9:40 AM10:40 AM11:40 AM12:40 PM1:40 PM2:40 PM3:40 PM4:40 PM5:40 PM6:40 PM7:40 PM
Requa at Towne5:41 AM6:41 AM7:41 AM8:41 AM9:41 AM10:41 AM11:41 AM12:41 PM1:41 PM2:41 PM3:41 PM4:41 PM5:41 PM6:41 PM7:41 PM
Park at Requa5:42 AM6:42 AM7:42 AM8:42 AM9:42 AM10:42 AM11:42 AM12:42 PM1:42 PM2:42 PM3:42 PM4:42 PM5:42 PM6:42 PM7:42 PM
Miles at Deglet Noor5:44 AM6:44 AM7:44 AM8:44 AM9:44 AM10:44 AM11:44 AM12:44 PM1:44 PM2:44 PM3:44 PM4:44 PM5:44 PM6:44 PM7:44 PM
Towne at Civic Center5:46 AM6:46 AM7:46 AM8:46 AM9:46 AM10:46 AM11:46 AM12:46 PM1:46 PM2:46 PM3:46 PM4:46 PM5:46 PM6:46 PM7:46 PM
Jackson at Ruby5:51 AM6:51 AM7:51 AM8:51 AM9:51 AM10:51 AM11:51 AM12:51 PM1:51 PM2:51 PM3:51 PM4:51 PM5:51 PM6:51 PM7:51 PM
Ave 44 at Jackson5:53 AM6:53 AM7:53 AM8:53 AM9:53 AM10:53 AM11:53 AM12:53 PM1:53 PM2:53 PM3:53 PM4:53 PM5:53 PM6:53 PM7:53 PM
Ave 44 at Sola5:55 AM6:55 AM7:55 AM8:55 AM9:55 AM10:55 AM11:55 AM12:55 PM1:55 PM2:55 PM3:55 PM4:55 PM5:55 PM6:55 PM7:55 PM
Ave 44 at Adobe5:58 AM6:58 AM7:58 AM8:58 AM9:58 AM10:58 AM11:58 AM12:58 PM1:58 PM2:58 PM3:58 PM4:58 PM5:58 PM6:58 PM7:58 PM
Monroe at Fred Waring6:00 AM7:00 AM8:00 AM9:00 AM10:00 AM11:00 AM12:00 PM1:00 PM2:00 PM3:00 PM4:00 PM5:00 PM6:00 PM7:00 PM8:00 PM
Monroe at Miles6:02 AM7:02 AM8:02 AM9:02 AM10:02 AM11:02 AM12:02 PM1:02 PM2:02 PM3:02 PM4:02 PM5:02 PM6:02 PM7:02 PM8:02 PM
Monroe at Shadow Palm6:04 AM7:04 AM8:04 AM9:04 AM10:04 AM11:04 AM12:04 PM1:04 PM2:04 PM3:04 PM4:04 PM5:04 PM6:04 PM7:04 PM8:04 PM
Hwy 111 at Monroe6:05 AM7:05 AM8:05 AM9:05 AM10:05 AM11:05 AM12:05 PM1:05 PM2:05 PM3:05 PM4:05 PM5:05 PM6:05 PM7:05 PM8:05 PM
Hwy 111 at Las Palmas6:06 AM7:06 AM8:06 AM9:06 AM10:06 AM11:06 AM12:06 PM1:06 PM2:06 PM3:06 PM4:06 PM5:06 PM6:06 PM7:06 PM8:06 PM
Hwy 111 at Clinton6:07 AM7:07 AM8:07 AM9:07 AM10:07 AM11:07 AM12:07 PM1:07 PM2:07 PM3:07 PM4:07 PM5:07 PM6:07 PM7:07 PM8:07 PM
Dr Carreon at Hwy 1116:09 AM7:09 AM8:09 AM9:09 AM10:09 AM11:09 AM12:09 PM1:09 PM2:09 PM3:09 PM4:09 PM5:09 PM6:09 PM7:09 PM8:09 PM
Dr Carreon at Monroe JFK6:11 AM7:11 AM8:11 AM9:11 AM10:11 AM11:11 AM12:11 PM1:11 PM2:11 PM3:11 PM4:11 PM5:11 PM6:11 PM7:11 PM8:11 PM
Dr Carreon at Santa Rosa Villa6:12 AM7:12 AM8:12 AM9:12 AM10:12 AM11:12 AM12:12 PM1:12 PM2:12 PM3:12 PM4:12 PM5:12 PM6:12 PM7:12 PM8:12 PM
Dr Carreon at Janet6:14 AM7:14 AM8:14 AM9:14 AM10:14 AM11:14 AM12:14 PM1:14 PM2:14 PM3:14 PM4:14 PM5:14 PM6:14 PM7:14 PM8:14 PM
Dr Carreon at Oasis6:16 AM7:16 AM8:16 AM9:16 AM10:16 AM11:16 AM12:16 PM1:16 PM2:16 PM3:16 PM4:16 PM5:16 PM6:16 PM7:16 PM8:16 PM
Jackson at Dr Carreon6:18 AM7:18 AM8:18 AM9:18 AM10:18 AM11:18 AM12:18 PM1:18 PM2:18 PM3:18 PM4:18 PM5:18 PM6:18 PM7:18 PM8:18 PM
Jackson at Date6:19 AM7:19 AM8:19 AM9:19 AM10:19 AM11:19 AM12:19 PM1:19 PM2:19 PM3:19 PM4:19 PM5:19 PM6:19 PM7:19 PM8:19 PM
Hwy 111 at Jackson6:21 AM7:21 AM8:21 AM9:21 AM10:21 AM11:21 AM12:21 PM1:21 PM2:21 PM3:21 PM4:21 PM5:21 PM6:21 PM7:21 PM8:21 PM

General Service Information

Schedules effective September 02, 2018.

All times are approximate.

SunLine Transit Agency operates seven days a week.

The line 81 operates seven days a week, with the same schedule all seven days.

Holiday Hours of Operations

SunLine does not operate on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Saturday/Sunday service operates:

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day