Transit Routes

Timetable for Bus Line 81 - Sunday - Northbound

Stop Name                
Hwy 111 at Flower9:30 AM10:30 AM11:30 AM12:30 PM1:30 PM2:30 PM3:30 PM4:30 PM5:30 PM6:30 PM7:30 PM5:25 AM6:30 AM7:30 AM8:30 AM
Indio Bvld at Grace9:33 AM10:33 AM11:33 AM12:33 PM1:33 PM2:33 PM3:33 PM4:33 PM5:33 PM6:33 PM7:33 PM5:28 AM6:33 AM7:33 AM8:33 AM
Requa at Fargo9:34 AM10:34 AM11:34 AM12:35 PM1:35 PM2:35 PM3:35 PM4:35 PM5:35 PM6:35 PM7:35 PM5:29 AM6:34 AM7:34 AM8:34 AM
Requa at Towne9:35 AM10:35 AM11:35 AM12:36 PM1:36 PM2:36 PM3:36 PM4:36 PM5:36 PM6:36 PM7:36 PM5:30 AM6:35 AM7:35 AM8:35 AM
Park at Requa9:36 AM10:36 AM11:36 AM12:37 PM1:37 PM2:37 PM3:37 PM4:37 PM5:37 PM6:37 PM7:37 PM5:31 AM6:36 AM7:36 AM8:36 AM
Miles at Deglet Noor9:38 AM10:38 AM11:38 AM12:39 PM1:39 PM2:39 PM3:39 PM4:39 PM5:39 PM6:39 PM7:39 PM5:33 AM6:38 AM7:38 AM8:38 AM
Towne at Civic Center9:39 AM10:39 AM11:39 AM12:41 PM1:41 PM2:41 PM3:41 PM4:41 PM5:41 PM6:41 PM7:41 PM5:34 AM6:39 AM7:39 AM8:39 AM
Jackson at Ruby9:43 AM10:43 AM11:43 AM12:46 PM1:46 PM2:46 PM3:46 PM4:46 PM5:46 PM6:46 PM7:46 PM5:38 AM6:43 AM7:43 AM8:43 AM
Ave 44 at Jackson9:45 AM10:45 AM11:45 AM12:48 PM1:48 PM2:48 PM3:48 PM4:48 PM5:48 PM6:48 PM7:48 PM5:40 AM6:45 AM7:45 AM8:45 AM
Ave 44 at Sola9:47 AM10:47 AM11:47 AM12:50 PM1:50 PM2:50 PM3:50 PM4:50 PM5:50 PM6:50 PM7:50 PM5:42 AM6:47 AM7:47 AM8:47 AM
Ave 44 at Adobe9:49 AM10:49 AM11:49 AM12:52 PM1:52 PM2:52 PM3:52 PM4:52 PM5:52 PM6:52 PM7:52 PM5:44 AM6:49 AM7:49 AM8:49 AM
Monroe at Fred Waring9:51 AM10:51 AM11:51 AM12:54 PM1:54 PM2:54 PM3:54 PM4:54 PM5:54 PM6:54 PM7:54 PM5:46 AM6:51 AM7:51 AM8:51 AM
Monroe at Miles9:53 AM10:53 AM11:53 AM12:56 PM1:56 PM2:56 PM3:56 PM4:56 PM5:56 PM6:56 PM7:56 PM5:48 AM6:53 AM7:53 AM8:53 AM
Monroe at Shadow Palm9:55 AM10:55 AM11:55 AM12:58 PM1:58 PM2:58 PM3:58 PM4:58 PM5:58 PM6:58 PM7:58 PM5:50 AM6:55 AM7:55 AM8:55 AM
Hwy 111 at Monroe9:56 AM10:56 AM11:56 AM12:59 PM1:59 PM2:59 PM3:59 PM4:59 PM5:59 PM6:59 PM7:59 PM5:51 AM6:56 AM7:56 AM8:56 AM
Hwy 111 at Las Palmas9:57 AM10:57 AM11:57 AM1:00 PM2:00 PM3:00 PM4:00 PM5:00 PM6:00 PM7:00 PM8:00 PM5:52 AM6:57 AM7:57 AM8:57 AM
Hwy 111 at Clinton9:58 AM10:58 AM11:58 AM1:01 PM2:01 PM3:01 PM4:01 PM5:01 PM6:01 PM7:01 PM8:01 PM5:53 AM6:58 AM7:58 AM8:58 AM
Dr Carreon at Hwy 1119:59 AM10:59 AM11:59 AM1:02 PM2:02 PM3:02 PM4:02 PM5:02 PM6:02 PM7:02 PM8:02 PM5:54 AM6:59 AM7:59 AM8:59 AM
Dr Carreon at Monroe JFK10:01 AM11:01 AM12:01 PM1:04 PM2:04 PM3:04 PM4:04 PM5:04 PM6:04 PM7:04 PM8:04 PM5:56 AM7:01 AM8:01 AM9:01 AM
Dr Carreon at Santa Rosa Villa10:02 AM11:02 AM12:02 PM1:05 PM2:05 PM3:05 PM4:05 PM5:05 PM6:05 PM7:05 PM8:05 PM5:57 AM7:02 AM8:02 AM9:02 AM
Dr Carreon at Janet10:04 AM11:04 AM12:04 PM1:07 PM2:07 PM3:07 PM4:07 PM5:07 PM6:07 PM7:07 PM8:07 PM5:59 AM7:04 AM8:04 AM9:04 AM
Dr Carreon at Oasis10:05 AM11:05 AM12:05 PM1:08 PM2:08 PM3:08 PM4:08 PM5:08 PM6:08 PM7:08 PM8:08 PM6:00 AM7:05 AM8:05 AM9:05 AM
Jackson at Dr Carreon10:07 AM11:07 AM12:07 PM1:10 PM2:10 PM3:10 PM4:10 PM5:10 PM6:10 PM7:10 PM8:10 PM6:02 AM7:07 AM8:07 AM9:07 AM
Jackson at Date10:09 AM11:09 AM12:09 PM1:12 PM2:12 PM3:12 PM4:12 PM5:12 PM6:12 PM7:12 PM8:12 PM6:04 AM7:09 AM8:09 AM9:09 AM
Hwy 111 at Jackson10:10 AM11:10 AM12:10 PM1:13 PM2:13 PM3:13 PM4:13 PM5:13 PM6:13 PM7:13 PM8:13 PM6:05 AM7:10 AM8:10 AM9:10 AM

Sevice Alerts

Stops Description

ROUTES 80 and 81 · EFFECTIVE FRIDAY, JANUARY 4, 2019 THRU MONDAY, JANUARY 14, 2019 · Due to the FMCA Rally Event, Dr. Carreon will be closed between Araba and Oasis. Routes 80 and 81 will be on detour.


General Service Information

Schedules effective January 06, 2019.

All times are approximate.

SunLine Transit Agency operates seven days a week.

The line 81 operates seven days a week, with the same schedule all seven days.

Holiday Hours of Operations

SunLine does not operate on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Saturday/Sunday service operates:

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day