Transit Routes

Timetable for Bus Line 70 - Sunday - Northbound

Stop Name            
Calle Madrid at Avn Vallejo5:43 AM7:19 AM8:49 AM10:19 AM11:49 AM1:19 PM2:49 PM4:19 PM5:49 PM7:19 PM8:49 PM
Avn Obregon at Calle Madrid5:43 AM7:19 AM8:49 AM10:19 AM11:49 AM1:19 PM2:49 PM4:19 PM5:49 PM7:19 PM8:49 PM
Avn Obregon at Calle Colima5:45 AM7:21 AM8:51 AM10:21 AM11:51 AM1:21 PM2:51 PM4:21 PM5:51 PM7:21 PM8:51 PM
Avn Obregon at Calle Ensenada5:47 AM7:23 AM8:53 AM10:23 AM11:53 AM1:23 PM2:53 PM4:23 PM5:53 PM7:23 PM8:53 PM
Avn Obregon at Calle Durango5:48 AM7:24 AM8:54 AM10:24 AM11:54 AM1:24 PM2:54 PM4:24 PM5:54 PM7:24 PM8:54 PM
Calle Sinaloa at Avn Herrera5:49 AM7:25 AM8:55 AM10:25 AM11:55 AM1:25 PM2:55 PM4:25 PM5:55 PM7:25 PM8:55 PM
Calle Sinaloa at Avn Mendoza5:51 AM7:27 AM8:57 AM10:27 AM11:57 AM1:27 PM2:57 PM4:27 PM5:57 PM7:27 PM8:57 PM
Avn Bermudas & Main Street5:53 AM7:29 AM8:59 AM10:29 AM11:59 AM1:29 PM2:59 PM4:29 PM5:59 PM7:29 PM8:59 PM
Calle Tampico at L.Q. Library5:54 AM7:30 AM9:00 AM10:30 AM12:00 PM1:30 PM3:00 PM4:30 PM6:00 PM7:30 PM9:00 PM
Washington at Calle Tampico5:55 AM7:31 AM9:01 AM10:31 AM12:01 PM1:31 PM3:01 PM4:31 PM6:01 PM7:31 PM9:01 PM
Washington at Ave 505:57 AM7:33 AM9:03 AM10:33 AM12:03 PM1:33 PM3:03 PM4:33 PM6:03 PM7:33 PM9:03 PM
Washington at Eisenhower6:00 AM7:36 AM9:06 AM10:36 AM12:06 PM1:36 PM3:06 PM4:36 PM6:06 PM7:36 PM9:06 PM
Washington St at Ave 486:02 AM7:38 AM9:08 AM10:38 AM12:08 PM1:38 PM3:08 PM4:38 PM6:08 PM7:38 PM9:08 PM
Ave 47 at Washington6:04 AM7:40 AM9:10 AM10:40 AM12:10 PM1:40 PM3:10 PM4:40 PM6:10 PM7:40 PM9:10 PM
Adams & Hwy 1116:07 AM7:43 AM9:13 AM10:43 AM12:13 PM1:43 PM3:13 PM4:43 PM6:13 PM7:43 PM9:13 PM
Adams & Blackhawk6:08 AM7:44 AM9:14 AM10:44 AM12:14 PM1:44 PM3:14 PM4:44 PM6:14 PM7:44 PM9:14 PM
Miles at Adams6:10 AM7:46 AM9:16 AM10:46 AM12:16 PM1:46 PM3:16 PM4:46 PM6:16 PM7:46 PM9:16 PM
Miles at Washington6:12 AM7:48 AM9:18 AM10:48 AM12:18 PM1:48 PM3:18 PM4:48 PM6:18 PM7:48 PM9:18 PM
Washington at Fred Waring6:15 AM7:51 AM9:21 AM10:51 AM12:21 PM1:51 PM3:21 PM4:51 PM6:21 PM7:51 PM9:21 PM
Washington at Hidden River6:17 AM7:53 AM9:23 AM10:53 AM12:23 PM1:53 PM3:23 PM4:53 PM6:23 PM7:53 PM9:23 PM
Washington at Ave of the States6:18 AM7:54 AM9:24 AM10:54 AM12:24 PM1:54 PM3:24 PM4:54 PM6:24 PM7:54 PM9:24 PM
Washington at Ave 416:20 AM7:56 AM9:26 AM10:56 AM12:26 PM1:56 PM3:26 PM4:56 PM6:26 PM7:56 PM9:26 PM
Harris at Washington6:22 AM7:58 AM9:28 AM10:58 AM12:28 PM1:58 PM3:28 PM4:58 PM6:28 PM7:58 PM9:28 PM