Transit Routes

Timetable for Bus Line 32 - Sunday - 32E

Stop Name                
Ramon at San Luis Rey6:54 AM7:55 AM8:55 AM9:55 AM10:55 AM11:55 AM12:55 PM1:55 PM2:55 PM3:55 PM4:55 PM5:55 PM7:05 PM8:23 PM9:35 PM
Gene Autry at Tamarisk6:57 AM7:58 AM8:58 AM9:58 AM10:58 AM11:58 AM12:58 PM1:58 PM2:58 PM3:58 PM4:58 PM5:58 PM7:08 PM8:26 PM9:38 PM
Gene Autry & Tachevah6:58 AM7:59 AM8:59 AM9:59 AM10:59 AM11:59 AM12:59 PM1:59 PM2:59 PM3:59 PM4:59 PM5:59 PM7:09 PM8:27 PM9:39 PM
Vista Chino at Gene Autry7:00 AM8:01 AM9:01 AM10:01 AM11:01 AM12:01 PM1:01 PM2:01 PM3:01 PM4:01 PM5:01 PM6:01 PM7:11 PM8:29 PM9:41 PM
Vista Chino at Desert Princess7:04 AM8:05 AM9:05 AM10:05 AM11:05 AM12:05 PM1:05 PM2:05 PM3:05 PM4:05 PM5:05 PM6:05 PM7:15 PM8:33 PM9:45 PM
Vista Chino & Landau7:05 AM8:06 AM9:06 AM10:06 AM11:06 AM12:06 PM1:06 PM2:06 PM3:06 PM4:06 PM5:06 PM6:06 PM7:16 PM8:34 PM9:46 PM
Vista Chino at Val Yermo7:06 AM8:07 AM9:07 AM10:07 AM11:07 AM12:07 PM1:07 PM2:07 PM3:07 PM4:07 PM5:07 PM6:07 PM7:17 PM8:35 PM9:47 PM
Maravilla at Tachevah7:08 AM8:09 AM9:09 AM10:09 AM11:09 AM12:09 PM1:09 PM2:09 PM3:09 PM4:09 PM5:09 PM6:09 PM7:19 PM8:37 PM9:49 PM
Ave Maravilla at Risueno7:09 AM8:10 AM9:10 AM10:10 AM11:10 AM12:10 PM1:10 PM2:10 PM3:10 PM4:10 PM5:10 PM6:10 PM7:20 PM8:38 PM9:50 PM
30th at Ave Ximino7:10 AM8:11 AM9:11 AM10:11 AM11:11 AM12:11 PM1:11 PM2:11 PM3:11 PM4:11 PM5:11 PM6:11 PM7:21 PM8:39 PM9:51 PM
Date Palm at 30th7:12 AM8:13 AM9:13 AM10:13 AM11:13 AM12:13 PM1:13 PM2:13 PM3:13 PM4:13 PM5:13 PM6:13 PM7:23 PM8:41 PM9:53 PM
Date Palm at McCallum7:13 AM8:14 AM9:14 AM10:14 AM11:14 AM12:14 PM1:14 PM2:14 PM3:14 PM4:14 PM5:14 PM6:14 PM7:24 PM8:42 PM9:54 PM
Date Palm at Baristo7:14 AM8:15 AM9:15 AM10:15 AM11:15 AM12:15 PM1:15 PM2:15 PM3:15 PM4:15 PM5:15 PM6:15 PM7:25 PM8:43 PM9:55 PM
Ramon at Cathedral Village E7:16 AM8:17 AM9:17 AM10:17 AM11:17 AM12:17 PM1:17 PM2:17 PM3:17 PM4:17 PM5:17 PM6:17 PM7:27 PM8:45 PM9:57 PM
Ramon at Desert Shadows7:18 AM8:19 AM9:19 AM10:19 AM11:19 AM12:19 PM1:19 PM2:19 PM3:19 PM4:19 PM5:19 PM6:19 PM7:29 PM8:47 PM9:59 PM
Ramon at Braille Institute7:19 AM8:20 AM9:20 AM10:20 AM11:20 AM12:20 PM1:20 PM2:20 PM3:20 PM4:20 PM5:20 PM6:20 PM7:30 PM8:48 PM10:00 PM
Ramon at Rattler7:20 AM8:21 AM9:21 AM10:21 AM11:21 AM12:21 PM1:21 PM2:21 PM3:21 PM4:21 PM5:21 PM6:21 PM7:31 PM8:49 PM10:01 PM
Ramon at Bob Hope7:24 AM8:25 AM9:25 AM10:25 AM11:25 AM12:25 PM1:25 PM2:25 PM3:25 PM4:25 PM5:25 PM6:25 PM7:35 PM8:53 PM10:05 PM
Ramon at Varner7:26 AM8:27 AM9:27 AM10:27 AM11:27 AM12:27 PM1:27 PM2:27 PM3:27 PM4:27 PM5:27 PM6:27 PM7:37 PM8:55 PM10:07 PM
Ramon at Rosemary7:27 AM8:28 AM9:28 AM10:28 AM11:28 AM12:28 PM1:28 PM2:28 PM3:28 PM4:28 PM5:28 PM6:28 PM7:38 PM8:56 PM10:08 PM
Ramon at Monterey7:29 AM8:30 AM9:30 AM10:30 AM11:30 AM12:30 PM1:30 PM2:30 PM3:30 PM4:30 PM5:30 PM6:30 PM7:40 PM8:58 PM10:10 PM
Monterey & Broadmoor7:30 AM8:31 AM9:31 AM10:31 AM11:31 AM12:31 PM1:31 PM2:31 PM3:31 PM4:31 PM5:31 PM6:31 PM7:41 PM8:59 PM10:11 PM
Dinah Shore & Shoppers Ln7:32 AM8:33 AM9:33 AM10:33 AM11:33 AM12:33 PM1:33 PM2:33 PM3:33 PM4:33 PM5:33 PM6:33 PM7:43 PM9:01 PM10:13 PM
Bob Hope at Dinah Shore7:34 AM8:35 AM9:35 AM10:35 AM11:35 AM12:35 PM1:35 PM2:35 PM3:35 PM4:35 PM5:35 PM6:35 PM7:45 PM9:03 PM10:15 PM
Bob Hope at Ginger Rogers7:36 AM8:37 AM9:37 AM10:37 AM11:37 AM12:37 PM1:37 PM2:37 PM3:37 PM4:37 PM5:37 PM6:37 PM7:47 PM9:05 PM10:17 PM
Bob Hope at Gerald Ford7:37 AM8:38 AM9:38 AM10:38 AM11:38 AM12:38 PM1:38 PM2:38 PM3:38 PM4:38 PM5:38 PM6:38 PM7:48 PM9:06 PM10:18 PM
Bob Hope at Columbia7:42 AM8:43 AM9:43 AM10:43 AM11:43 AM12:43 PM1:43 PM2:43 PM3:43 PM4:43 PM5:43 PM6:43 PM7:53 PM9:11 PM10:23 PM
Country Club at John L Sinn7:44 AM8:45 AM9:45 AM10:45 AM11:45 AM12:45 PM1:45 PM2:45 PM3:45 PM4:45 PM5:45 PM6:45 PM7:55 PM9:13 PM10:25 PM
Country Club at Vista Dunes7:46 AM8:47 AM9:47 AM10:47 AM11:47 AM12:47 PM1:47 PM2:47 PM3:47 PM4:47 PM5:47 PM6:47 PM7:57 PM9:15 PM10:27 PM
Monterey at Hovley7:48 AM8:49 AM9:49 AM10:49 AM11:49 AM12:49 PM1:49 PM2:49 PM3:49 PM4:49 PM5:49 PM6:49 PM7:59 PM9:17 PM10:29 PM
Monterey at Park View7:52 AM8:55 AM9:55 AM10:55 AM11:55 AM12:55 PM1:55 PM2:55 PM3:55 PM4:55 PM5:55 PM6:55 PM8:05 PM9:23 PM10:35 PM
Monterey at Fred Waring7:53 AM8:56 AM9:56 AM10:56 AM11:56 AM12:56 PM1:56 PM2:56 PM3:56 PM4:56 PM5:56 PM6:56 PM8:06 PM9:24 PM10:36 PM
Monterey at Hahn7:54 AM8:57 AM9:57 AM10:57 AM11:57 AM12:57 PM1:57 PM2:57 PM3:57 PM4:57 PM5:57 PM6:57 PM8:07 PM9:25 PM10:37 PM
Hwy 111 at Plaza7:56 AM8:58 AM9:58 AM10:58 AM11:58 AM12:58 PM1:58 PM2:58 PM3:58 PM4:58 PM5:58 PM6:58 PM8:08 PM9:26 PM10:38 PM
Town Center & Hahn7:57 AM9:00 AM10:00 AM11:00 AM12:00 PM1:00 PM2:00 PM3:00 PM4:00 PM5:00 PM6:00 PM7:00 PM8:10 PM9:28 PM10:40 PM

Sevice Alerts

Stops Description

LINE 32 EASTBOUND • EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY • UNTIl Further notice • Please be advised that SunLine will temporarily close bus stop #061 located on Ramon Rd @ Rattler Rd


General Service Information

Schedules effective September 02, 2018.

All times are approximate.

SunLine Transit Agency operates seven days a week.

The line 32 operates seven days a week, with different weekday and weekend schedules.

Holiday Hours of Operations

SunLine does not operate on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Saturday/Sunday service operates:

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day